How to include external libraries by requiring modules in node.js?

To include external libraries in Java, we use import statement.

In node.js, we use require keyword. For example,

var http = require(‘http’);

We can also include relative files as shown below:

var myFile = require(‘./myFile’); // loads myFile.js

To install modules from npm(node package manager),

$ npm install express

Modules aren’t automatically injected into the global scope, but instead you just assigned them to a variable of your choice.


You can create your own module as well.

  •  The first approach would be to export a single object:

        var person = { name: ‘John’, age: 20 };

        module.exports = person;

  • The second approach requires adding properties to the exports object: = ‘John';
       exports.age = 20;

Modules don’t share scope, so if you want to share a variable between different modules, you must include it into a separate module that is then required by the other modules. And also modules are loaded once and then are cached by node.

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