How to share data between controllers in AngularJs?

To share data between controllers in AngularJs we have to states.

For using states, we need to include angular-ui-router in your application.

<script src=”//”></script>

To use ui-router we need to create dependency on ui-router.


Then create states for your controllers as shown below:

.config(function config($stateProvider){



controller:”firstController as first”,





controller:”secondController as second”,




Then write service to pass data in both controllers as parameter.

.service(“data”, function ¬†shareData(){

var data = this;

data = “data_to_transfer”


.controller(“firstController”, function(data){

var first = this; = data;


same for secondController.

Now, in your view you can access it as {{}} and likewise for secondcontroller.

To redirect to new state use

<div ui-sref=”second”>Go to second page</div>

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