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How to save list of JSON objects to Grails domain and render it?

To get JSON from request(POST) do following:

Request-type: POST


name : "TestName"

surname: "TestSurname"


We can post JSON data from Postman REST client.


class person{

String name;

String surname;



import grails.converters.deep.JSON
import groovy.json.JsonSlurper

class PersonController{

def saveJsonToDomain(){

String jsonObject = request.getJSON();                                                                      // get JSON data from request body
println “jsonObject : ” + jsonObject;
def jsonList = new JsonSlurper().parseText(jsonObject);
println “jsonList.size() : ” + jsonList.size();
for(jsonObj in jsonList){
Person person = new Person(jsonObj);; // save JSON directly to grails domain
render person as JSON // render JSON object
catch(Exception e){
render “Error saving category : ” + e;



Don’t forget add the json data with same name as variable names in domain.

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