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Effective Use of Technology in Legal Process


Being into legal domain, I’m sure research is the backbone for building a strong case. Research is one of the most vital and time-consuming activities in a lawyer’s workload. While your industry has innovated by improving search efficiency, the effectiveness of search largely relies on the research expertise of lawyers, paralegals and law librarians.

The vast growth of available data adds additional challenges to the task of identifying the most critical and relevant information to a case. You might be dependent on the duopoly of and WestLaw to provide vast information databases, combined with your internal expertise and experience in searching, to uncover relevant results.

It is worth mentioning that these giants are capable for relevant data but it’s true sometimes you may not require the features for which you are paying for or may become tedious to explore them or you may need some custom features which are not in these products!

You may be using “pay-per-search” or flat-rate subscription model, which maybe forcing you to be judicious in your use of search. You may often negotiate flat-rate subscriptions to large comprehensive databases.


Have you ever thought of finding efficiency while not sacrificing accuracy and comprehensiveness? As such, any ability that you have to quickly obtain the most accurate and complete set of results is likely to help you meet this efficiency goal and client needs.

Now question arises – What alternatives do you that will give accuracy and efficient results?


Here it is –You can build a search engine solutions that will help your business better organize, access, and search your digital content and the complete system will become handy.

So next time when you research on

  • State Law
  • Federal Law
  • Analytical Materials
  • Public Records
  • News and Periodicals
  • Patent
  • Cases/sues

Have your own enterprise search solutions and access your data of federal and state court decisions, statutes, regulations, court rules, topical databases, legal newspapers and periodicals, as well as law and related information from common law countries very easily and handy and making your research part as a boon!


There are number of technologies such as Lucene, Solr, dtSearch, elasticsearch, Nutch, Hibernate Search and Hadoop which can be used for search based solutions.

Look into technologies like Apache Solr – an HTTP search server built on top of Lucene.  Specifically Solr gives you REST-like HTTP/XML and JSON APIs.

What Solr gives you is the following:

  • Full-text search
  • Highlighting of hits
  • Faceted search
  • Dynamic clustering
  • Database integration
  • Rich document handling of formats like Word and PDF


 Now coming to your Legal domain, then here is how Solr can be useful:

  • E-discovery and forensics search: Server packaging for Lucene provides a wide range of enterprise search functions and a convenient RESTful/xml interface for e-discovery and forensics based search solutions.
  • Trademark search: We can use Solr for Trademark search. Solr is a highly tunable search engine and can be customized to search for trademarks with high precision and relevance. Trademarks can be searched using different algorithms – exact, slop match, fuzzy match, phonetic, synonym, starts with, contains, ends with, sounds-like, etc – and ranked in the decreasing order of relevance.
  • Patent Search: Patent can be filtered or faceted based on their categories, goods and services and other parameters as required. The results can also be sorted in the order as per requirement with some configurations and customizations.
  • Cases/sues Search: Solr offers lightning-fast response times for queries. If you are searching for your earlier cases or law orders, solr can be tuned to return results with high precision

And many more as per your field and practice.


Are there companies using Solr today?  To be convinced that Solr is actually used in a lot of enterprise projects, take a look at this amazing list of public projects powered by Solr

Whom to look upon to build a custom search solution

ProsperaSoft offers Full text search. ProsperaSoft can help you with building a search solution at a very minimal and affordable budget. ProsperaSoft provides enterprise search solutions, data ingestion, and classification and taxonomy solutions for clients across a wide range of sectors including legal services, news, digital publishing, media monitoring, e-commerce, recruitment to customers by leveraging open-source and proprietary search solutions such as Lucene, Solr, dtSearch, elasticsearch, Nutch, Hibernate Search and Hadoop.

With years of experience in the field and quest for delivering quality enterprise search solutions that meet our customers exact requirements, we can provide reliable, accurate, fast and economical search solutions.


Just get in touch with us and we can discuss how ProsperaSoft can contribute to your research