Jboss tuning, clustering

ProsperaSoft offer complete Jboss tuning, clustering Services.

JBoss would work adequately straight out of the box especially with today's hardware, however there are a number of companies that have large volumes of traffic that require you to tune JBoss to obtain the optimal performance for your application. As I discussed in my Tomcat tuning section performance tuning is a complex area, there are many parts to the equation networking, hardware, application, databases, JVM, etc.

Cluster analysis or clustering is the task of grouping a set of objects in such a way that objects in the same group (called cluster) are more similar (in some sense or another) to each other than to those in other groups (clusters). It is a main task of exploratory data mining, and a common technique for statistical data analysis used in many fields, includingmachine learning, pattern recognition, image analysis, information retrieval, andbioinformatics.

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